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The highest-quality recipe plugin for WordPress.

The recipe plugin for websites that make money.

This recipe plugin is the only out-of-the-box software for websites with a high-quality responsive design, central recipe libary discoveability, and the best recipe SEO all included in one. The millions of recipes served up by Simmer can't be wrong. What are you waiting for?


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Simmer Pro Recipes is the only WordPress recipe plugin with a recipe library, recipe-card-style food blogging, & the highest-quality code & design.

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    • Keys, updates, and premium support renewed every 12 months
    • Manage keys through your Simmer account or site
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    Main Benefits

    • Keys, updates, and premium support renewed every 12 months
    • Manage keys through your Simmer account or site
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What is the difference between a WordPress plugin and a Simmer Pro Extension?
An extension is a WordPress plugin that requires a base plugin to work and function. In this case, you must have the Simmer Pro plugin installed to use recipe extensions.

We practice a lean product development approach at Simmer, which means we do not believe in adding unnecessary features. This would cause extra product bloat and potentially slow down a site. This is why we build Simmer Pro extensions separately. This allows you to customize your site to only include features you need to run your blog or online store.
Can I edit recipe addresses?
Yes, recipe authors can edit individual recipe slugs for content on a keyword basis, in addition to using the Simmer settings to customize the URL structure for all recipes, too.
Does this plugin make recipe data readable by Google and Pinterest?
Yes, Simmer Pro makes it easy for bots to understand your recipes with recipe Microdata and JSON-LD. Google search, Pinterest rich pins, and other technologies use this data to provide intelligent previews of your recipe and nutrition data.
Will Simmer Pro make my blog appear higher in search results like Google?
One of the most important factors in your search results rankings are you content and applications user experience or UX quality. Websites and apps that are easier to use get ranked higher in results. Google tracks this type of qualitative feedback with metrics like visit times, return visits, and many other common analytics. Simmer Pro adds to any existing WordPress theme’s recipe user experience by making the discovery process for recipes found in results easy to navigate in a high-quality design.
Can you convert or import recipes from my existing plugin?
Simmer does not provide converters for other recipe plugins because recipe data is stored in a clean, minimal format. This means no HTML or other cluttered formatting is included in recipe data by default, meaning a better quality experience for your user interface and overall user experience. Instead, we recommend using the bulk add tool for ingredients and instructions and importing your recipes individually as you re-publish them with Simmer Pro.
Is this plugin optimized for readability with screen readers and other accessibility standards?
Yes, from its foundation Simmer Pro is a recipe plugin that is built with the highest standards in accessibility. Your site can apply these same methods to reach the widest possible customer audience, too.
Are multilingual sites supported?
Yes, Simmer Pro Recipes is translated in over 80 languages. More strings are continually being added, so update your copy to get the recent versions. This plugin also works with WPML, a popular standard in web applications using WordPress for multiple language translations. For questions about your specific language, contact support.
Can I customize recipe addresses?
Yes, you can use any name including emojis in recipe URLs.
Can I customize recipe templates in my WordPress theme?
Yes, you can customize your WordPress theme to create a unique template that overrides all single and embedded recipes. Just drop in a copy of recipe-shortcode.php and recipe.php to override the defaults and customize recipe layouts.
Can my visitors easily print recipes?
Yes, visitors to any recipe made with Simmer Pro can use the quick recipe toolbox found directly to the right of recipe titles in embedded recipes or to the right of recipe categories in single recipes. This toolbox includes a print action by default, making offline versions of your recipes easy.
Does this plugin work with my theme?
Yes. This plugin is packaged with premium support service to enhance your any WordPress theme’s code in the WordPress Customizer to custom fit Simmer Pro Recipes. Simply activate the plugin and test it with your preferred theme. Make a list of your requested changes. You can send this request to our support team who is happy to make updates in your WordPress Customizer to polish the look and style of your recipes.
Will Simmer Pro work on WordPress.com?
Yes, and a Business plan is required to upload and customize this plugin. Be sure to use your WordPress admin to use the full functionality of recipes.
Can you install and customize this plugin for me?
Yes, every Simmer Pro purchase includes premium services by our team to fit your WordPress theme and polish recipes. We can also install the plugin on as many sites you have purchased. Just send support a quick message to get started.
Can I hire a developer to make an app (mobile or web) with Simmer Pro Recipes?
Yes, customizations are one of the many powerful options built into the technology of this plugin. Any WordPress developer can use the developer API reference in addition to the code packaged with your purchase to create custom interfaces and technology with recipe data. The Simmer Pro extension store makes a lot of these enhancements for your recipes easy to setup and cost-effective. If you need help with customizations or adding extensions to upgrade your site, contact support. We’re happy to help.
My question isn't answered here. Where can I get support?
Our dedicated support staff is ready to answer your questions. Get in touch through our contact form and we’ll answer any pre-sales queries you might have.
Can I start food blogging today if I buy this plugin?
Yes! When you have all of the technical requirements purchased, setup for this product is nearly instant. Plus, you'll always get automatic updates in the future. After purchasing your license, you’ll immediately receive your keys and download which you can also find in your Simmer account. If you need to download the plugin again in the future, you can go to API Downloads. After activating the plugin with your key and our simple quickstart guide, go to Recipes > Add New menu in your WordPress admin.
Can I include links, sub-headings, and images or video in my recipes?
Yes, any oEmbed format supported in WordPress in addition to media can be embedded into recipes. Simmer Pro also features a unique interface that allows you to shuffle and remix recipe ingredients, instructions, and sub-headings fast. Links, bold, and italic formatting can all be included in recipe instructions and ingredient descriptions, too. New blocks are always being added to recipes, in the core of Simmer Pro or in new extensions, so check back often at our updates blog to grow your site.
What is a WordPress plugin?
Plugins are helpful add-ons—like mini programs—that make your website even better. WordPress plugins are made for the WordPress software system.
How do I purchase a product?
Find the product you want to purchase, select your option or package, and click on the Buy button. You’ll then be taken to our checkout page where you can log into your existing Simmer account to use saved information or register a new account. The checkout process is after the register area.
Can I upgrade my license later on?
Absolutely. You can upgrade and switch your subscription from your account. You will be billed the difference.
Is buying a Simmer plugin or Simmer Pro extension a one-time charge?
When purchasing a Simmer product, you are purchasing a subscription for an activation and license key. All keys are bundled with updates and support, and renew annually.
Do you offer refunds?
We want to make sure you love Simmer Pro Recipes. That’s why we have a 15 day money-back guarantee on all purchases.
How much does Simmer Pro Recipes cost and how many sites can I install it on?
Simmer Pro Recipes has a Starter plan that includes 3 keys for $79 per year. To keep things simple we have bundles keys with clear pricing to make managing your keys easy.
Do you offer bulk pricing?
Yes, in addition to the 3 site license, we offer a 10 site and 50 site Simmer Pro license options with substantial discounts.
Do I get plugin updates?
Yes, automatic updates are enabled for sites with an active license key. Keep your subscription active to keep getting updates.
How does my license key work?
Your activation key allows you to turn on the plugin on a WordPress website, get updates, and redeem premium support. Your plugin and key renews annually.
Can I cancel at anytime?
Absolutely! You can easily cancel your Simmer Pro Recipes plugin license key anytime after logging into your Simmer account.
What happens when my license key expires?
If you decide not to cancel, the plugin will still work, but you will stop getting updates to your website's code and cannot re-activate the plugin. Renew your license to ensure you can install the plugin and keep it active on your site.
Can I share my license key with clients or on client sites?
Yes. When contacting support, reference the billing email or billing name for the person whose site you are contacting support on behalf. We recommend having your client purchase the keys with their billing info and you contacting us on their behalf. A license is valid only for the site where it is activated, and must be owned by you or your clients. Resale or distribution is not permitted.
Does deactivating a site free up my activation limit?
Yes, absolutely. Deactivating a site immediately allows another site to be activated. You can manage all keys from your Simmer account. You can also manage your activations from your account page.
Can I use a license key for development?
Yes, keys can be used to activate the plugin for remote or local development. Contact support for personalized help activating Simmer Pro in your local environment.
Do I need to be a developer to setup this plugin?
No, this is the easiest recipe plugin for beginners and professionals using WordPress alike. From installing to creating and sharing your first recipe, none of the setup of Simmer Pro requires technical knowledge beyond the basics of WordPress.

The Simmer Pro WordPress recipe plugin adds optional settings. To take this plugin one step further, developers can use the library of custom classes and helper functions, too.


Simmer Pro WordPress recipe plugin settings screenshot
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