Open source recipe software on WordPress for creators.

Self-host recipes and e-commerce in over 150 languages on a server you control with the power only open source software can provide.

Over 26% of the web¹ including mobile today runs on Open Source WordPress. While platforms like Apple News, Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Facebook Instant Articles (IA) continue to dominate, open source software (OSS) like WordPress consistently adapts and extends in response. Today, WordPress is far closer to being a software development kit (SDK) than ever before.

Following Simmer’s initial release in January 2015, the dedicated work of volunteers and staff on Github and GlotPress has developed the plugin to the WordPress platform. Using OSS like WordPress, any developer can cost-effectively release scalable software for businesses today.

Since 2004 the staff at Simmer has worked alongside developers and entrepreneurs to scale WordPress for all industries. Our delivery mix of professional software and creative services has increased businesses’ revenue worldwide. Simmer’s engineers create computer science solutions for businesses with OSS and other privately licensed and developed code on Github. Simmer’s yearly memberships connect members directly with our staff and experts to build and iteratively develop code and creative assets.

Simmer memberships include all of the software and advice today’s food and lifestyle entrepreneurs need to execute their businesses online beautifully, quickly, and cost-effectively. Simmer’s contact and support system connects our engineers immediately to for members’ requests about code, web apps, mobile and e-commerce. In addition to our professional recipe development software, Simmer members receive Kitchen, our newest responsive WordPress theme–the same design used on

Memberships start at $199. Kitchen supports recipes by Simmer, e-commerce with WooCommerce, Google AMP, Facebook IA, and other 3rd-party OSS with clear, short, explicitly structured documentation. Kitchen also supports aggregate star ratings on the front-end for recipes and recipe shortcodes. To extend our recipe software, Simmer’s Developer API maintains a useful variety of PHP hooks & endpoints for recipes in WordPress and deeper customization by any developer.

Check Simmer’s blog for new releases for members-only late 2016 and through 2017.

  • Setup

    Get up and running publishing recipes in minutes on your own domain with WordPress and our Quick Start Guide. Get more out of Simmer with available add-ons. Can't find an add-on to meet your needs? Simmer is open source; work with any developer to create custom functionality with our developer API.

  • Recipe Dev

    Simmer is engineered for professional recipe developers & creators. Add ingredients, instructions, sub-headings, structured cook times, and many more types of Google Structured/ Data with an effective drag-and-drop interface. Pair Simmer with any high-quality WordPress theme front-end for responsive mobile recipe distribution on the web.

  • Entrepreneurs

    Simmer distributes the highest-quality WordPress code products including plugins and themes to our members and customers. To create an immediate new business, setup recipes as a media company and sell micro-subscriptions for content using Simmer's Piano add-on, including pay-wall, leaky meter, and other content e-commerce pricing options. Share the human value of your kitchen, globally, and start a food-related business today with the value of open source software.


A GPL responsive WordPress theme for recipes by Simmer, e-commerce with WooCommerce, Google AMP, Facebook IA, and other 3rd party WordPress plugins

Simmer members only licensing & premium support starting at $199 Fall 2016 🍂

  • Appetizer



    Main Benefits

    • Kitchen a GPL, responsive, Google AMP and Facebook IA WordPress theme for recipes & e-commerce
    • 2 domains licensed for Kitchen, premium support
    • Price per year
    • Yearly subscription
    • Automatic updates & downloads
    • GPL core recipe plugin
    • Premium support through
    • Exclusive offers & discounts for developers
    • Members only content
    • Access to members only products
    • Early access to new add-ons & products
  • Tasting



    Main Benefits

    • Kitchen a GPL, responsive, Google AMP and Facebook IA WordPress theme for recipes & e-commerce
    • Unlimited domains licensed for Kitchen, premium support
    • Reselling allowed
    • One time price (over $2,000 savings)
    • 🌟 10-year, one-price membership
    • Automatic updates & downloads
    • GPL core recipe plugin
    • Premium support through
    • 📱Unlimited, scheduled technical support calls
    • Support for the WordPress REST API
    • Exclusive offers & discounts for agencies
    • Members-only content
    • Access to members-only products
    • Early access to new add-ons & products
    • 30% payout (vs. regular 20%) affiliate comissions
    • Live chat support via Slack
    • Early access to new add-ons & products
    • All add-ons free for 10 years

Simmer add-ons and member projects are built with our core plugin's developer API. Third party developers can release add-ons anytime including plugins and themes for recipes by Simmer.

Access Developer API

Town & Cooking

A women-owned and managed food blogging network on the mobile web for recipes
and small-batch e-commerce

Initial free hosting & release for Simmer members only late 2016 ❄️


Supporting calories per serving, JSON-LD, and aggregate star ratings shipped with a complete front-end, Kitchen

Late 2016 for Simmer members only ❄️

  • This plugin is the difference between fun and frustration. After a lot of research, demos, and deliberating, I chose Simmer. The UI is clean and straightforward. The "bulk add" feature for ingredients and instructions is key and works really well. What really won me over was clean look of recipes in themes.

    Ginny Mahar
    Hypothyroid Chef
  • The simplicity and appearance of the published recipe is one of the best parts of this plugin. I love it!

    Mariano Caino
    Consciencia Viva
  • Tinypass for Simmer is an extension that allows WordPress websites using Simmer to easily monetize their food, drink, and recipe content. We are thrilled to see innovative publishing solutions incorporate Tinypass as part of their offering.

    Piano (formerly Tinypass)
    ecommerce for content