The latest version of Simmer Pro adds new tools to make blogging recipes in WordPress 5.0+ fast and simple


Are your recipes ignored by Google?

Are you spending too much time trying to get your recipes to look consistent and beautiful so you can actually generate interest in your products or services?

Download and install Simmer Pro for WordPress in just a few minutes or less and add recipe content marketing that generates more sales and visitors.

Simmer Pro is a recipe publishing tool for WordPress. It's the only recipe plugin with exceptional design combined with unique search engine optimization or SEO.

Learn more and see example recipes from real sites and blogs or try Simmer Limited with a demo version of the plugin you can use for recipes with just a few ingredients or instructions. Your recipes will automatically convert to Simmer Pro whenever you're ready to upgrade.

Interested in learning more about how this plugin can grow your revenue revenue or build on your long-term content marketing and SEO? Press the blue chat bubble at the bottom right of this site anytime and we'll be happy to take a quick look at your site and tell you exactly how this plugin will save you time and get you new visitors or customers.

Get Simmer Pro to add these new features to your WordPress dashboard and theme.
  • I really love Simmer Pro. This plugin has been invaluable to my site. I'm also really impressed with the responsiveness I always get from support. It really makes the plugin a joy to use.

    Hangry Woman
  • This plugin is the difference between fun and frustration. After a lot of research, demos, and deliberating, I chose Simmer Pro for our recipes.

    Hypothyroid Chef
  • The simplicity and appearance of the published recipe is one of the best parts of this plugin.

    Consciencia Viva

The recipe plugin everyone can use.

Get more traffic and revenue with the exclusive SEO and design in Simmer Pro. Give your visitors or customers a recipe experience they'll return to again and again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For more answers visit the complete list of most frequently asked questions.

Where can I see examples of Simmer Recipes?
Every WordPress theme applies styling in different ways to Simmer Recipes. For some inspiration for your own site, take a look at these live examples.
Can I add recipes to my blog?
Yes! Simmer Pro is built primarily for food bloggers to grow their traffic and brands. Our plugin accomplishes this through a combination of the recipe design's impact on SEO and overall SEO growth, too. Learn how to add a recipe to your blog on our knowledge base.
How does this plugin make my recipes appear higher in Google search results?
Simmer Pro automatically attached metadata formatting to your recipes so they're more likely to appear higher in search results on Google and other platforms like Pinterest using rich pins.
Can my visitors easily print recipes?
A Print button is included at the top of recipes alongside a Save Pin button. The print view of your recipes display the recipe card only with a shortened description.
Can I include links, sub-headings, and images or video in my recipes?
Yes, links and other formatting can be applied inside ingredients and instructions in addition to descriptions and any blog post where the recipe is included.
How often does the price of Simmer Pro renew?
Simmer Pro renews annually and includes a 30-day money back policy at the start of your subscription.
What happens if I don't renew?
Your recipes will remain until the plugin is deactivated. Learn more about cancelling Simmer Pro here.
My question isn't answered here. Where can I find support?
Try our knowledge base for a lot more about Simmer Pro. This includes other commonly asked questions with answers and tons of different areas that can help you launch and customize your recipes. If you can't find a solution or have issues with creating recipes for the first time please contact support or use the chat bubble at the bottom right of our website.