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WordPress recipe plugins with schema support like Simmer require regular updates and active development to stay ahead in SEO. These updates focus on meeting the demands of constantly changing and emerging technologies. For recipe SEO this now includes Amazon Alexa and Google Talk Assistant.

Simmer is a 100% women-owned business. Since 2014, Simmer Pro has supported hundreds of sites as they change to fit the demands of constantly changing SEO standards, and we’ll continue for many more.

Did you know that most recipe plugins are out of date and won’t publish your recipes on these valuable discovery platforms? Simmer challenges quality in the WordPress space and beyond to make sure your site or blog gets new traffic and even revenue. Recipes that don’t use a WordPress recipe plugin with up to date formatting aren’t seen by major search engines and technology platforms for recipes, hurting SEO and many other growth factors. This discovery is also essential for newer sites or blogs who are just starting up and for brands that want to grow past their current plateau.

How we created Simmer

WordPress recipe plugins constructed for traffic growth with schema support like Simmer require constant updates and active development. This change is focused on the emerging technologies for recipes today like Amazon Alexa and Google Talk Assistant.

Simmer raises the bar for quality in the WordPress space and beyond to help make the best websites for traffic and revenue growth. Recipes that don’t use up-to-date WordPress recipe plugin aren’t seen by major search engines and technology platforms for recipes, hurting your SEO and more.

When we first built Simmer, the existing recipe plugin options lacked consistency and professionalism, had incorrect formatting for SEO, or were just plain ugly and lacking the tiny details make high-quality design exceptional. These recipes lack consistency in key features like measurement in ingredient lists and other important design. Design is a core part of your recipe experience and it directly impacts your site or blog’s SEO and overall traffic.

Our WordPress recipe plugin makes the experiences for both recipe creation and reading a breeze. Recipe editing is 100% native to WordPress making input fast and frictionless alongside your other WordPress workflow. On the frontend, Simmer is the only WordPress recipe plugin that optimizes recipes for Google, Amazon Alexa, Pinterest and other recipe discovery platforms with additional monetization options offered as well.

Simmer saves businesses, blogs, and brands both time and money through initial investment and maintenance. It eliminates hours of work every week while also saving valuable cash so you can invest it back into your business instead. Our customers make more money, build more traffic, and actually fall in love with creating recipes again after using this plugin for just a few days or weeks.

If you want to get more traffic, revenue, or just want to love making recipes in WordPress again, get Simmer Pro and join the 1,000s of customers who love their recipes, too! Of course your purchase also includes updates and support to free up your time to do the important work of running your blog or site.

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Simmer is an internet software business based in Boston, MA with customers around the globe. For assistance anytime, please contact support.

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