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Simmer Pro 1.0 

Simmer Pro 1.0 is now available to license customers in the Account > Downloads section of this website. Recipe development is hassle-free and intuitive inside Simmer Pro in WordPress. Changelog Simmer Pro 1.0 is now available in Small, Medium and Unlimited licenses. Review Simmer Pro 0.5 and Simmer Pro 0.7 at the blog. Simmer Pro 1.0 finishes the public beta […]

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Recipe Archives and APIs

Cookbooks are enchanting and incredibly authentic forms of traditional self-publishing. In the United States, Julia Child and the Joy of Cooking–in print since 1936 with over 18 million copies sold–are pioneers in the industry of interactive media. In a single recipe, authors of cookbooks transport the reader to another time and place. Digital recipe data is […]

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4 innovative food delivery businesses

Spending time in the grocery store to put a healthy recipe and meal on the table is not usually an easy task. Food startups such as Blue Apron, Plated, and others–including an option by Beyoncé–are disrupting dinner across the United States in an effort to fix dinnertime. The result is a more relaxing experience for […]

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Unit Testing in WordPress: Items API

If you’ve been following along with Simmer’s development, you know that we recently released version 1.3 to the world. This version brought on a major refactor of the plugin’s data and file structure in an effort to make recipe information more extendable. Simmer 1.3 Items API We decided to move recipe ingredients and instructions data into […]

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Jessica Alba & Reese Witherspoon shape contemporary eCommerce

While celebrity endorsements of food & beverage brands (i.e. Pepsi, etc…) are traditionally widely known in the advertising industry, a new trend appearing in the last five years are celebrity entrepreneurs creating eCommerce and content powerhouses of their own, creating new products and brands in lifestyle, food, and many other industries on the web today. More […]

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Simmer 1.3: Items API

Version 1.3 of Simmer has been released! We focused on making major under-the-hood improvements to Simmer’s core architecture, in addition to some great updates from version 1.2. These great changes will ensure platform longevity, stability, and security for Simmer users and developers alike. New Items API We’ve completely rewritten the way Simmer handles creating, saving, and […]

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