Guacamole Fresco and how to grow a homemade guacam...

Guacamole recipes are one of the best for simple customization. Depending on the personal tastes of you or your guests you can mix-in a variety of flavors. Our personal favorite includes chunky avocados with plenty of fresh lime juice and coarsely ground salt. There’s also something really special about the freshness and taste of guacamole […]

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Many plates of neatly organized biscotti with confectionry on a chef's counter

Simmer Pro 1.0 

Simmer Pro 1.0 is now available to license customers in the Account > Downloads section of this website. Recipe development is hassle-free and intuitive inside Simmer Pro in WordPress. Changelog Simmer Pro 1.0 is now available in Small, Medium and Unlimited licenses. Review Simmer Pro 0.5 and Simmer Pro 0.7 at the blog. Simmer Pro 1.0 finishes the public beta […]

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A piece of toast schmeared with cream cheese and fresh herbs on a wooden cutting board

Engineering Workflow

Computer science can be a really complex area of math to practice and study, which means there are many different variables that factor into the best engineering and code. To aid productivity, creativity or any other abstract variable to help a person while coding, engineers often use a common set of applications and processes to partially automate […]

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Recipe Archives and APIs

Cookbooks are enchanting and incredibly authentic forms of traditional self-publishing. In the United States, Julia Child and the Joy of Cooking–in print since 1936 with over 18 million copies sold–are pioneers in the industry of interactive media. In a single recipe, authors of cookbooks transport the reader to another time and place. Digital recipe data is […]

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