Popular Instagram Food Hashtags

Popular Instagram Food Hashtags

The first use of the pound sign or hashtag on the Internet began on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) in 1988. Throughout the 1990s, hashtags were used to categorize content on the Internet. A hashtag is any tag used to highlight the meta-data of any content, thereby making categorization for others easier and more instant.

On Instagram, hashtags have developed commercial and cultural purposes more than any other platform. Hashtags can both add or eliminate noise, leading to better leads or more viral momentum.

After research, here are some contemporary trends we have noticed:

  1. #food: The most popular, most active hashtag on Instagram alone has close to 160 million photos and counting. Although some users copy and paste this hashtag to non-food items, it remains one of the most intriguing hashtags on social media.
  2. #yum
  3. #instafood

Top 6-20 food hashtags

Equally important and notable:

  1. #dinner: 33,933,868
  2. #breakfast: 33,523,641
  3. #coffee: 31,471,387
  4. #delicious: 29,457,675
  5. #cake: 28,473,279
  6. #chocolate: 28,217,428
  7. #beer: 24,286,853
  8. #foodie: 14,522,675
  9. #wine: 13,854,616
  10. #snack: 5,299,048
  11. #nomnom: 4,499,566
  12. #nomnomnom: 3,944,779
  13. #healthyliving: 3,553,080
  14. #vegetarian: 3,466,653

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