Introducing Connected Recipes

Introducing Connected Recipes

Today we’re incredibly happy to announce our next WordPress recipe plugin extension for Simmer Pro. Simmer Connected Recipes is a plugin for creating a dynamic menu of recipes attached to any post or page. It gives you everything you need to better engage recipes in new content in a variety of ways.

An example of the Recipe Connector panel in the new WordPress content editor.

Simmer Pro already gives you all the tools you need to create a recipe within a recipe by adding structured sub-headings in ingredients and instructions lists. However, this plugin takes link building within your site a step further by adding curated and dynamic recipe or featured content lists at the bottom of recipes.

Enhance SEO and inbound traffic

Manual links to recipes in content can be helpful, but they aren’t immediately visible to someone returning to your recipe or making it for the first time.

Complementing existing manual linking, this plugin saves you time by dynamically connecting posts or pages to one or more recipes. This added menu has a direct impact on your site UX and as a result, your overall SEO. As search engines and future-focused recipe discovery platforms like Google Talk Assistant continue to rise in influence, user signals or responses to how your site design is experienced play a more important role in search rankings and SEO than any other metric.

Badly designed sites tend to be closed more quickly by visitors, meaning you’ll miss out on valuable opportunities for connecting them to other content.

Organize recipe collections and save time

The Simmer Recipe Connector is a complete toolset for connecting multiple recipes to a single post or page. This plugin works dynamically behind the scenes to add a link back from your featured recipe back to the original post automatically, saving you valuable time. Keep recipe collections clear and concise, or combine teaser recipes and Recipe Connector Recipes to create a combined experience.

Recipe indexes and faceted search provide a platform for visitors to browse through all available recipes. This plugin specializes smaller collections of recipes within your greater recipe library, giving visitors more granularity when they need it with a touch of your personal curation. Connected recipe collections give your visitors more reasons to share thanks to their added, curated value.

How it works

This plugin adds a simple backend to your recipe editor and is compatible with the new Gutenberg content editor for WordPress.

It adds a gorgeous design also includes customizable display including your recipe title and recipe featured image, followed by an excerpt which can be controlled to hide or display.

Grow your collection of recipes and site-wide content without sacrificing your time or the quality of your site and brand.

Advanced Customization Option: Both the order and headline of each part of the Recipe Connector can be changed from your active theme’s functions.php file.

Dynamic links and a customizable design save you time and provide unlimited options. Connected Recipes are displayed under the Get the Recipes headline on posts or pages, and the Posts Featuring this Recipe headline on single recipes.

Buy a license for Simmer Connected Recipes here.

Free Business Model

Meal planning, recipes, and shopping lists as a service

The exciting possibilities to create new products that you can launch to profit with this extension and Simmer Pro are endless. Some of our customers have used this tool already to build premium meal planning, menu planning, and other food preparation products that offer incredible value or savings. Launching a new product is not only a great business model for food bloggers, private chefs, and other food professionals with an established presence to grow revenue, they’re an ideal fit for new sites or blogs that need a solid business plan to make new money, too.

Customer-only access to the recipes you curate is possible when you combine this plugin with the Simmer Paywall plugin. The Paywall plugin is not limited to a single paywall-only pricing option. Instead, sites that setup this plugin for the first time can choose a variety of amazing, promotional, and growth-inducing pricing options like:

  • Leaky meter: set a limit of 3-5 or more recipes your visitor can “preview” until they have to pay to use more.
  • Single day or week access: create recipes around events and other workshops you might want to add product “add-ons” for to grow the number of options customers have to purchase from your brand.
  • Provide lifetime access or setup a subscription: capture customer support for life with an all-access, single-payment pass.

In this type of setup a free, promotional post that ends with a Connect Recipes collection at the end can contain your pay-to-access recipes or content. Restricted recipes can include interactive content like recipe videos, weekly shopping lists to save money in bulk, and so much more with the Paywall and Connector extensions combined, too. Use these public posts and recipe collections as promotional material that gently nudges customers towards your paid product by focusing primarily on the value your recipes and products provide to customers.

Potential customers will use your promotional intros to learn more from your blog with the option to pay and become customers if they’re convinced your weekly, monthly, or other regular recipe content gives consumers and customers exceptional value in their everyday lives.

Want more free product strategy? Contact support to get more information personalized to your project.

Combine the Recipe Connector and Recipe Paywall extensions to build customizable pricing and controls for recipes.

How to use the Recipe Connector

Getting started today with this extension is fast and easy and you don’t need a developer to add it now. Use these instructions or get in touch if you need assistance anytime.

  1. Buy the extension from our secure online store. It’s only $29!
  2. Download and install the .zip file to your WordPress admin under Plugins > Add New.
  3. Activate the plugin and activate your license key.
  4. Go to any post or page in the new or traditional WordPress content editor and scroll down to Connected Recipes. Select published recipes from the drop down menu and click the Add New button to group them to your post or page. Select a new recipe from the dropdown to add more than one recipe.

We hope you enjoy your curated collections of connected recipes as much as we enjoyed creating this plugin. We love building you tools that save you both time and grow your site or blog’s traffic. Have questions or feedback for us?

We’re always ready to listen to your food blog thoughts and plans. Say hello!

Lara Littlefield

Lara Littlefield has created software products for sale to businesses and consumers since 1999. She currently leads Simmer as Chief Engineer.

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