Kitchen 0.5 Beta

Kitchen 0.5 Beta

Kitchen is a responsive theme for retail websites in food, lifestyle, apparel and related industries on WordPress. WordPress powers over 26% of the web¹ today. Licensing and downloads are distributed as a part of Simmer memberships only. 

Pickling cucumbers and dill on a rustic counter with text overlay, "Kitchen: a responsive theme for food"

Kitchen officially supports two WordPress plugins: recipes by Simmer and e-commerce by WooCommerce, with free checkout plugins for credit card processing by Stripe, Amazon, Bitcoin and other cost-free extensions.

This product is setup and configured in WordPress with minimal hassle. Each member download includes both abstract strategy and technical documentation of the API. This theme’s strategy documentation covers methods for contemporary online retail, photography, creative direction, and editorial. Best practices and other formats are used to provide this strategic documentation, and is written for novices and experts alike.

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Kitchen is a cost-effective, long-term decision for any business, organization or individual online. This theme supports the WordPress Customizer and includes four locations for dashboard-controlled dynamic menus, call to action buttons, and among other customizable features outlined below.

Theme features

Kitchen supports two variations of a single logo–in the demo for Kitchen, pictured above, we use Simmer’s–to accommodate a smooth header transition effect with JavaScript for optimum contrast on full image or video backgrounds. We suggest businesses use a white on transparent, and a full color on transparent .png or SVG logo in the head.

Kitchen is a complete front-end UI for businesses, organizations or people to their websites. This theme is a continuous adaptation of the exact design and page layouts used in the UX for this website, Developing our own business at Simmer, we have found this theme for websites to adapt beautifully to any responsive device in a crisp, fresh UX engineered for mobile content first on the front-end. The engineering team at Simmer will continue to adapt and release essential updates for Kitchen available to any member with an active subscription. Current features beyond those aforementioned include:

  • Responsive front-end, with over three break points for a variety of device widths (pictured above)
  • Engineered for accessibility first
  • No Sass, React, npm, Yarn, or other 3rd party library required to successfully activate beyond WordPress
  • Custom shortcodes for subscription and assorted callouts, buttons
  • Simple front-page tagline via WordPress Settings > General > Tagline
  • Membership and account UI at top right; easily replaced with any other plugin, subscription button, or action button depending on your engineering goals set by a developer
  • A wide variety of documented code snippets, classes, IDs and styling
    • Simple page hero/section system to easily stack segments for hassle-free page and post configuration and layout, including front page
    • Over 15 SVG icons; add to any header or button through unique classes
    • Concise and clearly documented CSS, HTML, PHP, and JavaScript code in our products any developer can extend beyond an original demo configuration
    • Dividers and other helpful layout markup and graphics prebuilt into CSS
  • Full photo or video background headers
  • Delightful image framing and oEmbeds supporting Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, and other platforms with APIs

Child themes

As a parent WordPress theme, Kitchen can be infinitely customized through the WordPress theme system for developers. In the future, Simmer will release to members only a continually updated library of child themes, also customizable and without automatic updates to protect against overwriting changes.

Content strategy

Producing high-quality content for a website is expensive. From beautifully written prose or artistically magnificent photography, the process of new content production is lengthy and costly. In addition to the technical documentation for this theme, Simmer gives developers techniques they can start to use today to startup and mitigate costs for each element of content production.

$199 and up

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Apples and fresh baked apple pie on a rustic counter with text overlay, "Kitchen: a responsive theme for food"

Beta & membership release

Kitchen licenses will only be distributed to customers with an active Simmer membership. Currently, active members can contact customer service for a beta version download and license for this theme. Starting 2016 Kitchen will be shipped with all current and future Simmer memberships. Memberships will include a download, license key(s) to activate per the limits of the membership, and automatic GitHub invitation to read the private repo where the code of this theme actively developed. The private GitHub repo access for this theme also includes Wiki reading and writing for all documentation. This theme requires individual license keys for successful activation in WordPress. To continue access to automatic update downloads and support, Simmer memberships renew each 12-month period.

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Other WordPress plugin support

This theme supports notable WordPress caching and optimization plugins, in addition to Google AMP and Facebook IA. Other pre-tested 3rd party WordPress plugins are found in the Wiki documentation for this theme. Any high-quality WordPress plugin with clear technical documentation will be compatible with Kitchen, Simmer, and WooCommerce, and we encourage our members to contact customer service anytime to discuss potential conflicts, testing and more.

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Members only

Whether under a starry night while camping or every Friday night at eight for three large pizzas with family and friends, the place where we prepare and usually serve a meal has maintained great power in anthropological development throughout human history. The Kitchen is the place in human life where complex whole ingredients reach their ultimate forms.

The release of Kitchen compliments Simmer’s existing open source recipe plugin engineered food, DIY recipes, and experiments in WordPress completes an end-to-end software solution for contemporary business developers. We are confident Simmer members will copy and develop their organizations to infinite lengths with this new software release.


Questions? Contact customer service

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A rustic, antique kitchen in the warm, glowing morning light.

Lara Littlefield

Lara Littlefield has created software products for sale to businesses and consumers since 1999. She currently leads Simmer as Chief Engineer.