Summer updates

Summer updates

As the summer season begins in the Northern Hemisphere, website and apps unsurprisingly follow the same cycle in nature of renewal and regeneration.

An ecommerce website continuously updated translates into greater purchases and re-purchases for any business or organization. Continuous website enhancements are just one small way we grow both our own business and those of our customers, and are important for any ecommerce business.

New fixes May 2017

New in May 2017, customers can use an enhanced My Account page for Downloads or to view and change subscriptions. Through more usability and design enhancements, customers can also continue to use customer service and other benefits packaged in each purchase.

Documentation for Simmer Pro is updated to prevent future viewing issues for new customers. Customers can continue to reference any article in the current documentation database for Simmer Pro. Topics not covered can be answered through support.

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The code in our featured product, Simmer Pro, is completely independent of this website, and must equally scale its code to 1,000s or millions of instances of WordPress, versus just one instance for this website’s WordPress theme.

Continuous release cycle

Ecommerce websites need a continuous release schedule to adapt to changing standards, methods, and most importantly security in internet technology. Ecommerce websites that sell technology as a product or service must make even more frequent updates. The process of improving a website never ends for the best engineers, including those in WordPress. Simmer packages each purchase of Simmer Pro or Simmer HQ through our website with support services, so simplicity an easy-to-use website are essential to the delivery of our product and services through ecommerce. By avoiding major, unexpected changes to the website Simmer ensures our customers get the customer service and support they expect and experienced at original purchase.

Through a series of small, subtle changes our engineers adapt this website to meet new engineering, accessibility, and security standards in the industry. Each of the changes are copied as a version into a system like Git and GitHub and deployed to the website through FTP. Subtle changes in web development usually apply only to a single element or class in a user interface or “UI.” Through these changes, A/B testing, unit testing, general testing, and many other scientific experiments data can be produced over a short or long period quickly and simply. This constant testing improves the speed and ease our customers experience in every interaction with our interfaces. Positive experiences in a UI/UX translate into new purchases and repeat purchases in ecommerce. In the case of Simmer, this means re-investment back into new products for WordPress website owners.

Contact our dedicated support staff: we’re here to help.

Changes in 2017

Big announcements are coming 2017 as we head into 2018 including new product releases, add-ons for Simmer Pro and new platforms, and more. Check back to this blog often at for new releases, or follow along on Instagram or Facebook.

Lara Littlefield

Lara Littlefield has shipped commercial software to customers for over 18 years. She currently leads Simmer as a systems architect and engineer. In her free time, she backpacks the NH 4,000' peaks and enjoys the MA coastline with her husband. Follow Lara on Twitter @laralfield.