Upcoming releases for the new year

Upcoming releases for the new year

As the summer season begins in the Northern Hemisphere, website and apps unsurprisingly follow the same cycles in nature of renewal and regeneration.

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Website fixes

Simmer Pro Recipes customers can use an enhanced My Account page for Downloads or to view and change subscriptions. Through more usability and design enhancements, customers can also continue to use customer service and other benefits packaged in each purchase.

Documentation for Simmer Pro is updated to prevent future viewing issues for new customers. Customers can continue to reference any article in the current documentation for Simmer Pro. Topics not covered can be answered through support.

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Future releases

Big announcements are coming 2017 as we head into 2018 including new product releases, add-ons for Simmer Pro and new platforms, and more. Check back to this blog often at simmerwp.com/blog for new releases, or follow along on Twitter or Facebook.

Lara Littlefield

Lara Littlefield has created software products for sale to businesses and consumers since 1999. She currently leads Simmer as Chief Engineer.