Piano (previously Tinypass) for recipe monetization

Piano (previously Tinypass) for recipe monetization

Town & Cooking is not only a leading niche recipe content producer online today, but a publisher of a unique subscription product called “Tip Cards.” When speaking with any potential Enterprise clients today, T&C is a project we enjoy referencing and covering in detail.

Sharing these case studies also really helps us establish if they’re the right fit for our team, and vice-versa, while simultaneously getting the product and creative juices flowing as to the awesome e-commerce potential of Tinypass for Simmer.

So now we’d finally like to share a few favorite parts of one of our most enjoyable digital business building projects to date.

Read about each of the fascinating food & drink publishing and production techniques we used to create Town & Cooking as a high value digital property.
Read about each of the fascinating food & drink publishing and production techniques we used to create Town & Cooking as a high-value digital property.

Branding & Identity Development

The first steps we worked through with the founder of Town & Cooking was exactly what he wanted his brand’s “feel” and identity to convey to customers.

Our logo work included presenting a variety of initial potential directions, and then fine tuning a final route selection. In the end, Town & Cooking has modern, rustic brand identity that translates beautifully to a variety of digital and physical mediums.

After the branding materials were secured and finalized, and our initial business development defining niche and digital strategy was refined and honed, we moved to the exciting process of wireframing and sketching out his responsive website.

Read the complete post: “The Fascinating Process of Logo Design for Small Businesses: Town & Cooking.”

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The UX Design Process for a food & drink or restaurant responsive website

Designing a complete user experience (UX) for a responsive website is a fun and dynamic process. We’re really big fans of rapid and agile prototyping with professional graphic design tools like Sketch 3. However, we also equally as often find ourselves using simple pencil and paper cut outs moved around a flat surface to finalize a user story or feature’s flow.

This kind of work requires that your entire production team must be agile, creative, and highly innovative in their thinking at all times.

Ultimately, designing a UX for a food publisher today involves working with a content first perspective from the start. In the case of Town & Cooking, we dedicated the majority of our initial time to defining where the value of each product would lay in an e-commerce publishing, B2C setting.

The great thing is that with tools like Simmer for Tinypass, even independent food and drink publishers or individuals just starting out have a wealth of low-cost, plug-and-play solutions as they work towards something more in depth like the project discussed here. As is the case with all internet businesses and startups, and even purely blog-based ones, your best chance at success is creating an initial MVP with the highest quality content you can provide, and move on in ramping up your marketing strategy from there.

Content marketing strategy & differentiation

While the total number of recipe and food publishing websites and blogs may currently be “abundant,” their quality is not. This broad market gap provides unique opportunities in investment in online information markets today.

One such product that allowed Town & Cooking to define a niche and stand out: tip cards. These unique pieces of bit-size content (fully available to only paying subscribers, with teasers for all other readers), provide new and advanced cooks alike with essential tips in the kitchen such as “chopping herbs, “beating egg whites,” and “poultry preparation.”

Check out Town & Cooking’s helpful tip card set, and consider subscribing!


Digital Business Projects like Town & Cooking

If you’re looking for a simpler, immediate way to get going with micro payments for publishing, our low-cost Simmer Basic and Simmer for Tinypass extension will provide you with the immediate plug-and-play solution you need to turn your recipes into an e-commerce business.

Coding WordPress with Tinypass’ custom API

Since Town & Cooking offers a unique set of digital products as a part of its primary revenue stream, we worked heavily with the API for Tinypass to get there. API customizations unique to a project are definitely more complex than the plug and play solutions provided off the shelf, but our Simmer Enterprise customers have access to the same White Glove and agency teams ready to dedicate their time to your product 100%.


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