Simmer 1.2: API Reference

Simmer 1.2: API Reference

It’s finally here – version 1.2 of Simmer has been released. We’re very excited to share Simmer’s newest features and many improvements with the community which introduce a number of feature improvements and additions to not only Simmer’s own user interface (UI), but our newly released API reference for developers, too.

The focus of this release is improving ease of recipe input and display. Take a look at some of the most notable additions:

Bulk Add Ingredients Intelligently

New: Bulk AddIt’s now easier than ever to quickly add numerous ingredients and instructions to a recipe. Using the new Bulk Add modal, users can quickly type out or even copy & paste a list of ingredients or instructions and that text will be intelligently transformed into correctly-formatted recipe elements.

Easy Recipe Insert Button

New Feature: Add Recipe ButtonYou’ve always been able to embed your recipes in blog posts or pages using Simmer’s recipe shortcode. Now, finding and inserting your desired recipe is even simpler thanks to the new “Add Recipe” button. Simply search for the recipe you want, and a custom shortcode will be created and placed into your content.

Other Improvements

  • All new developer API reference
  • Better embedded recipe display with descriptions and thumbnails
  • Addition of “Author” setting for recipes
  • Various styling and extendability improvements

We hope you enjoy using the latest version of Simmer as much as we enjoyed creating it! If you find a bug or want to contribute to future versions, head over to Simmer’s Github repository and open an issue.

Photo at top by Ali Inay.

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