Simmer Pro 1.0 

Simmer Pro 1.0 

Since November Simmer Pro 1.0 is available to license customers in the Account > Downloads section of this website. This newest product release is also now available in all Simmer HQ hosting, continuing our past 10+ years of commercial WordPress development. Simmer HQ hosting includes unlimited web design and development services with this plugin and many other officially supported WordPress products.

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Simmer Pro 1.0 also introduces a complete demo. Future documentation will include directions to copy the entire WordPress demo for individual development, and license customers can request extended documentationWinter is a great time to start food blogging as a hobby or as a part or full-time professional pursuit, self-teaching food styling and photography with a DSLR or smartphone camera and examples of the most creative imagery on Instagram today. Recipe development is hassle-free and intuitive inside Simmer Pro in WordPress. As always, Simmer Pro supports aggregate ratings.

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Simmer Pro 1.0 is now available in Small, Medium and Unlimited licenses. Review Simmer Pro 0.5 and Simmer Pro 0.7 at the blog. Simmer Pro 1.0 finishes the public beta release cycle. This version includes:

  • Fix multiple plugin conflict support and additions to correctly input and output recipes
  • Fix recipe meta mobile view correct for mobile
  • Change better recipe meta styling
  • Add .nobg helper class.
  • Add .simmer-recipe-meta img styling
  • Fix nutrition content per serving to the front-end
  • etc.

Customers can request access to the private Simmer Pro repo on GitHub.

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The next few years will be exciting ones for Simmer as we grow this plugin with enhanced features. Some changes will incorporate extended nutrition content and Google Structured Data, while others will focus on more functional engineering such as a recipe multiplier or divider for precise batch calculation.

To request feature enhancements or new products, contact customer service. To create custom code for any application of recipes by Simmer, use the developer API documentation.

Simmer HQ

To have Simmer Pro installed on a website for you, in addition to unlimited website design and development services, purchase Simmer HQ WordPress hosting. A powerful network for managed WordPress websites and apps, Simmer HQ also includes support for managed eCommerce through a number of different contemporary plugin creators.


Already have hosting? Purchase licenses to install Simmer Pro on any host including premium support and installation services.


Now through January 10, 2016 at 11:59pm ET any Small membership purchase is discounted 25%, for a recurring subscription of only $75 annually. This discount is automatically applied at checkout. Search this public blog for a secret hidden coupon code for 40% off the first term of any Simmer purchase. 

Gifting 🎁

To purchase a Simmer Pro license or complete website at Simmer HQ for another person or organization, simply add a note in your order details with the name and email of the person to transfer the purchase. Customer service will personally email you to confirm this transfer before completing it. For gifts of Simmer HQ hosting, a suggested minimum one year increment for gifting and adequate investment in the hosting is suggested.

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Lara Littlefield has shipped commercial software to customers for over 18 years. She currently leads Simmer as a systems architect and engineer. In her free time, she backpacks the NH 4,000' peaks and enjoys the MA coastline with her husband. Follow Lara on Twitter @laralfield.