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  • Personal


    Main Benefits

    • 1 site
    • All free extensions
    • Unlimited ingredients, instructions and sub-headings
    • Bulk add tool
    • Skip to recipe button
    • Complete nutrition
    • Print recipes with custom branding
    • Additional features
    • Premium support and updates
    $99 billed annually
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  • Business


    Main Benefits

    • Up to 5 sites
    • Includes all current and future premium extensions
    • All free extensions
    • Unlimited ingredients, instructions and sub-headings
    • Bulk add tool
    • Skip to recipe button
    • Complete nutrition
    • Print recipes with custom branding
    • Additional features
    • Premium support and updates
    $288 billed annually
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  • Free


    Main Benefits

    • Maximum two ingredients or headings
    • Maximum two instructions or headings
    • Skip to recipe button
    • Print recipes with custom branding
    • Additional features
    • Support and updates
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Purchase includes updates, support and 30-day money back guarantee

Simmer pays for itself in just a few days or weeks.

WordPress recipe plugins with schema support like Simmer require regular updates and active development to stay ahead in SEO. These updates focus on meeting the demands of constantly changing and emerging technologies. For recipe SEO this now includes Amazon Alexa and Google Talk Assistant.

Simmer raises the bar for quality in the WordPress space and beyond to help make the best websites for traffic and revenue growth. Recipes that don't use up-to-date WordPress recipe plugin aren’t seen by major search engines and technology platforms for recipes, hurting your SEO and more. Design is a core part of your recipe experience and it directly impacts your site or blog’s SEO and overall traffic.

Simmer saves businesses, blogs, and brands both time and money through initial investment and maintenance. It eliminates hours of work every week while also saving valuable cash so you can invest it back into your business instead. Our customers make more money, build more traffic, and actually fall in love with creating recipes again after using this plugin for just a few days or weeks.

Interested in Simmer Pro? Get your copy and buy confidently with our 30-day refund guarantee.


for similar custom development

460 dev hours at $75 /hr

1 day

until Simmer pays for itself

2 new sales at $50 avg. sale


saved vs. manual recipe formatting

4 recipes every 2 weeks

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The premium WordPress plugin for the best recipe SEO and in-home experience.

Simmer Pro Recipes adds a complete toolset for attracting and engaging traffic with recipes. Optimize your content and don't miss out on growth from important tech like Google Home and other platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For more answers visit the complete list of most frequently asked questions.

Where can I see examples or mockups of Simmer Pro Recipes?
Every Simmer Pro Recipes site is absolutely unique. Please reference these live examples made with Simmer Pro for your own inspiration..
Are my Simmer Pro Recipes correctly formatted for Pinterest and Google recipe discovery?
Yes, Simmer Pro adds up-to-date formatting to recipes automatically for social platforms using structured recipe data and search engine crawlers like Pinterest or Google to feature recipe details directly in search results. This adds greater sharing and reach to the value of your recipes.
Is there a free version of Simmer?
Simmer Limited offers a preview of this plugin’s power on any WordPress site instantly with a few limited features. You can try the plugin today when you search for “Simmer Limited Recipes” from your WordPress admin when you add a new plugin. The plugin can also be directly downloaded and uploaded through your preferred method. This version of Simmer is limited to a total of two ingredients or sub-headings, and two instructions or sub-headings per recipe. Simmer Limited also disables the popular Bulk Add button found in Simmer Pro ingredients and instructions, and includes a different, limited version of recipe information and Simmer settings.
Do I need a developer to setup this plugin?
No, this is the easiest recipe plugin for beginners and professionals alike using WordPress as a platform. This plugin is built for all levels, including anyone starting for the first time. From installing to creating and sharing your first recipe or library, this plugin doesn't require technical skills beyond uploading a plugin in WordPress.
Can my visitors easily print recipes?
Yes, recipes can be printed from the recipe toolbox included in the top right of every recipe. This toolbox includes a print action by default, making offline reference to your content easy. You can also add recipe ratings or recipe saving to enhance the power of this toolbox.
My question isn't answered here. Where can I get support?
Try our list of complete questions and answers first, or contact our dedicated support staff for immediate answers. Get in touch through the blue conversation icon on the bottom right of any page on this site, or send a message to support.
Can I include links, sub-headings, and images or video in my recipes?
Yes, any type of media, links, or video can be embedded into recipes. User recipes to add links to affiliate purchases, or other revenue or business strategies. Simmer Pro also features a unique interface that allows you to shuffle and remix recipe ingredients, instructions, and sub-headings quickly.
How do I get Simmer Pro for my website?
First choose the number of sites you'll need. Next, click Buy Now on your selected Simmer Pro package. You can then follow this simple quickstart guide to immediately begin with your recipes.
How much does Simmer Pro cost?
This plugin costs $99 and is renewed each year until cancelled. All Simmer Pro purchases include updates and premium support.
How many websites are included?
Each plan offers a license for 1 or up to 5 sites. These keys are bundled in simple subscription choices that unlock activation of the plugin, support, and future updates. If you need an extra key for development on a local computer or development domain that matches your main site, contact support.
Where can I cancel my subscription?
Customers can cancel Simmer Pro Recipes or any extensions anytime directly from your Simmer account. For further assistance please contact support.
What happens when my key expires?
If you decide not to renew, your recipes will continue working the same way until the plugin needs to be re-activated. However, you will not be able to automatically download and install plugin updates. By renewing your keys yearly, you can ensure your website has access to plugin updates when you need them.
Can I share my key with clients or on client sites?
No. Unless the site is under your control and is not transferred or re-sold, Simmer license keys cannot be shared. License keys must be authorized purchased by the owner of the site directly from Simmer where the plugin is activated. We can only provide support to the owner of the license key, and can provide support to developers if this license key and the associated billing email is provided in your support message.
Does this plugin integrate with all WordPress themes?
Yes. Simply activate the plugin and test it with your preferred theme. If you find any part where you'd like to add customizations, developers can use the helpful classes built-into each part of recipe front-ends for complete control.