Simmer Pro Recipes

New features, fixes, and other changes are added to Simmer Pro regularly. For more information please contact support.


  • Change margins for embedded recipe title, author and date to add more space
  • Changed and decreased Save Pin and Print button transparency


  • New recipe video schema automated using the recipe title, excerpt, publish date, and featured image


  • New hidden featured image optimized for Pinterest saves on embedded recipes
  • New hidden Pinterest image shortcode feature
  • New video auto embed feature
  • New hints added to ingredients and instructions
  • New keyword feature optimized for voice assisted recipe discovery and SEO
  • Apply new recipeIngredient requirements for schema (required for guidance with the Google Assistant on Google Home)
  • Fix fiberContent output for schema
  • New shortcode copy field in the recipe editor compatible with Gutenberg
  • New Save Pin button on all embedded and single recipes, with automatic caption from recipe. If your domain is connected to your Pinterest Business account, your Pinterest profile will also be attached to all Simmer Pins from your website with the domain.
  • Add new recipe background feature to highlight setting to control button color
  • Add duplicate title in single recipe view for simpler customization and display from longer descriptions.
  • Move recipe tools to new button locations with conditional display based on featured image for Pinterest
  • Change styling of recipe tool buttons including icons
  • Add new simple link, bold, italics, and stylized fractions markup to recipe ingredient and instruction descriptions (see for more info)


  • Update itemprop for recipe ingredients to recipeIngredient to fit new requirements for recipes on Google Talk Assistant and Amazon Alexa