Statement of Support

Simmer sells and distributes Simmer Pro and other plugins “as is” and with no implied meaning that they will function exactly as you would like, or that they will be compatible with all third-party components and plugins.

Support for plugins sold and distributed by Simmer is only available for those who have an active, paid extension license.

Support and updates are granted for one year after the original purchase based on the license you have purchased. After one year is completed, the purchaser must renew their license in order to continue receiving support and updates for the items purchased. For purchases that include an automatically renewing subscription, support will be provided for as long as the subscription remains active.

While we attempt to provide the best support possible for our plugins, we do not guarantee that any particular support query can, or will be answered to the extent, or within a timeframe that the inquirer is completely satisfied.

Simmer Pro

Simmer Pro includes a support policy covering:

  • Account and all tools and features
  • WordPress for Simmer Pro
  • Simmer and related products
  • Social sharing plugins for Simmer Pro
  • WordPress theme file editing for Simmer Pro code
  • Print stylesheets in WordPress themes for Simmer Pro
  • Recipe styling for theme customization for Simmer Pro Recipes in your active theme

Support does not include 3rd-party plugin or theme conflicts, hacking, training, custom development or design, research, additional SEO services beyond Simmer Pro, root server customizations, or hosting setup of any type.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.