Google Structured Data, Pinterest, and other applications using’s markup for automatically recognized recipe data is automatically applied to serving size (in ounces), Calories per serving, and grams of protein and sugar per serving. See nutrition features in action on the front-end in any of the demo recipes, and the WordPress admin nutrition input in screenshots.

Developers can participate on GitHub as Simmer engineers debate United States federal nutrition labelling vs. modern applications for all food data in this plugin’s active private development on GitHub. (Manually request access if you’re already a customer).

bulk ingredient import copy pasteBulk copy and paste

Simmer Pro makes recipe development on the web simple. Quickly paste multiple ingredients and instructions to a recipe with our Bulk feature for ingredients and instructions. Copy and paste blocks of ingredients or instructions that are intelligently formatted. Add sub-headings for blocks of pasted text manually after using this feature.

Develop & publish recipes in 100+ languages

Thanks to the open source development of Simmer in GlotPress, and the power created when contributors coordinate from all around the globe on a single software project, recipes by Simmer Pro are automatically translated into over 100 global languages in WordPress’ language settings for any property on the web.

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Developer API

Simmer Pro has been originally engineered for the needs’ of advanced developers and engineers with our publicly available developer API. Developers can utilize a growing list of PHP action and filter hooks for recipe data in WordPress, as well as customizable template file rules to individually style recipes and customize functionality in a WordPress theme and front-end.

drag and drop ingredients and instructions for recipesDrag-and-drop interface

Recipe development on the web is consolidated and seamless with recipes bySimmer Pro. Add, revise, and edit ingredients and instructions quickly by dragging and dropping any item on your list.


If your readers and customers are comfortable with a smartphone or other device in the kitchen, develop a responsive theme with Simmer Pro. To add a physical copy for your readers to use instead of costly electronics, recipes by Simmer Pro add an easily-styled Print button to any WordPress theme for individual recipes.

The resulting recipe is printed with an automatic, simplified stylesheet including only the most important recipe data. Disable print functionality in your theme’s CSS using display: none; to save more 🌲🌲🌲.

Recipe source

Attributions include a Source label and link URL so adaptations or original names can be quickly input.

Recipe archives and uninstall settings

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 3.00.05 PMAt the root of their structure, recipes in Simmer Pro are structured to highlight the extendability of your archive system and the accompanying template files you can add to your WordPress theme to style recipes individually for your website or app.

Define your /recipes archive location and permalink prefixes to share recipes at their root source rather than always embedded in posts or pages. Include a link to your recipe archive in your primary WordPress menu to call attention to your recipe archive.

Recipe data is never deleted by default when Simmer Pro is uninstalled. This default setting can be changed in Settings for Simmer Pro in your WordPress dashboard.


recipe-subheadingsWhile some of the best recipes require only a few or ingredients or instructions, some require multiple parts. Simmer Pro adds a Heading UI to ingredients and instructions so you can drag and drop to easily edit and develop the recipe later.

Add multiple headings for more complex recipes or, recipes within recipes, such as the add-on dressing for a salad, the sauce for a curry dish, or fillings, toppings, and more. Use headers to break apart multi-day recipes, like defrosting a turkey before deep frying, or other essential recipe details for preparation or cooking.

Google Structured Recipe Data

Google and other search engines currently obey a system of structured data founded upon the universal content type for recipes created by Google’s Structured Data for recipes also generates “rich” recipe cards in some Google Search results pages for some recipe keywords, including required fields in Simmer Pro for prep time, cook time, total time. Recipes by Simmer Pro can be developed alongside any star-ratings frontend plugin for aggregate star-ratings or any other custom functionality.


Developer Simmer Pro with any high-quality social sharing plugin for WordPress to make your recipes shareable on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other locations. Recipes by Simmer Pro are tested with the Jetpack and AddThis plugins. Since recipe content is inherently social, Simmer Pro recipes are instantly shareable and focus your business’ content on community engagement with authenticity in mind.

recipe widgets for WordPress recipe pluginWidgets

Recipes by Simmer Pro can add two unique widgets to any WordPress theme that enables widgets. Choose between Recent Recipes, Recipe Archives, or both.

Short-codes & embeds

add recipe buttonRecipe content created with Simmer Pro can be featured in WordPress in many ways. For simple embedding, including multiple recipes in a single blog post for a “menu” or content, use Simmer Pro’s “Add Recipe” button at the top of every post or page to the right of the “Add Media” button. This button will automatically generate a recipe shortcode with your recipe’s ID.

WordPress themes

Simmer Pro provides the simplest UI and UX for recipe publishing today. Recipe layouts and featured images are responsive and optimized for mobile depending on your activated WordPress theme. Recipes by Simmer Pro will automatically adapt inside any high-quality WordPress theme, including the default twenty sixteen, twenty fifteen, and other themes highlighted in our the navigation at the top of this website.


Recipes form the basis for or compliment a wide array of food-related businesses that can use e-commerce online today. With self-hosted WordPress, Simmer Pro solves e-commerce through:

  1. Tinypass for Simmer Pro provides an instant monetization platform for your recipe content through a simple access pass, leaky meter, or subscription.
  2. Seamlessly pairing with most leading e-commerce and web-app style WordPress themes available to businesses today.
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