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Simmer Pro Recipes - single site

Simmer Recipe Paywall - single site

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Save over $100 from the listed value of three of our incredible recipe plugins for WordPress. This plugin bundle is perfect for WordPress bloggers, WooCommerce, or other WordPress sites who need to get dynamic, networked recipes up and running fast.

The best part? These plugins can actually help you establish a new business and make some money.

What’s included

This bundle includes Simmer Pro and our most popular extension: Simmer Recipe Paywall. Combined with the Recipe Paywall, this is the only plugin with out-of-the-box WordPress recipe monetization.

Instead of investing in costly bespoke solutions to monetize recipes or feature and combine recipes in interesting combinations for your readers, the Simmer Recipe Monetization Bundle gives you everything you need for a single website.

Starting your own recipe publishing business with real revenue is only one-click away. What will you do with the revenue your website generates?

Products Included


  • Website hosting
  • WordPress 4.0+
  • PHP 7.0+



To learn more about the Recipe Paywall plugin, please visit the product FAQ.

For the core Simmer Pro Recipe plugin, please reference our front-page questions and answers.

Not ready to jump in and start your next business? Try a single-site Simmer Pro download and key instead.


Additional information

Simmer Recipe Paywall - single site


1 site