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A free plugin for Simmer Pro sites to disable default recipe collections to enable blog-only recipes


A free plugin for Simmer Pro sites to disable default recipe collections to enable blog-only recipes

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A subscription entitles you to 1 year of updates and support from the date of purchase. Just in case the plugin doesn't work for you we offer a 30-day policy.


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Version 1.0

Last Updated 2018-07-05


This extension is not required to start adding recipes inside your blog posts or pages. To do that, instead use our simple recipe shortcode instructions to add the text pictured below to add specific recipes according to their post IDs.

If you want to take these embedded recipes a step further, then add this plugin to disable the title and category links to lock recipes into that location in your blog only. You can read on to find out more of what’s included in this extension if this sounds like the right solution for you.

What’s included

This plugin disables the recipe library discoverability built-into Simmer Pro. Embedded recipes inside WordPress content are not linked to single versions or linked in a category system. This simplicity allows websites with a blog in sole focus to use only the necessary parts of the core recipe plugin. This includes:

  • Disabled default /recipe-library/ address used to display all recipes
  • Disabled recipe title link to each single recipe
  • Disabled recipe categories which are instead redirected to your static recipe archive page

Because this plugin removes the central recipe collection URL that search engines, Google Talk Assistant and Amazon Alexa need to classify your content, this extension is not compatible with:


Please grab a copy of Simmer Pro to use add this extension to your blog or site. This plugin can be activated by Simmer Pro Recipes sites and blogs only. If you do not have Simmer Pro activated you will not be able to use this plugin.

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Simmer Blog Only

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