Simmer Blog Only


A free bonus plugin for Simmer Pro sites to disable the default /recipe-library/ and single recipe links. This setup allows food bloggers to have their recipes exist in blog posts only without a central library or category groups.

What’s included

This plugin disables the recipe library discoverability built-into Simmer Pro. Embedded recipes inside WordPress content are not linked to single versions or linked in a category system. This simplicity allows websites with a blog in sole focus to use only the necessary parts of the core recipe plugin. This includes:

  • Disabled default /recipe-library/ address used to display all recipes
  • Disabled recipe title link to each single recipe
  • Disabled recipe categories which are instead redirected to your static recipe archive page

This plugin is not compatible with the other following Simmer Pro extension:

  • Simmer Recipe Paywall
  • Simmer Recipe Connector

Technical Requirements

Additional information

Number of sites

1 site, 5 sites, 25 sites