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Recipes by Simmer Pro single license for plugin updates and support (see more)

  • Any single WordPress theme installed for you in 30 days of signup, includes Kitchen exclusive to Simmer HQ
  • Unlimited themes
  • Unlimited plugins
  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • 13-year industry-tested WordPress systems management
  • Speed and mobile performance optimization
  • SSL certificate autorenewed through Let's Encrypt
  • No hosting hassles and no clunky frameworks, just WordPress
  • University-tested anti-hacker engineering
  • Comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) engineering
  • Concierge support for all pre-installed plugins
  • Industry-leading support 24/7
  • Standard

  • Starting Up
  • $38/mo.
  • You need a personal or small business website with power. A WordPress website managed, maintained and secured for you, without any of the hassles of typical hosting.
  • Best for bloggers, publishers, podcasters and other businesses
  • Invest risk free with our 30-day money back gaurantee
  • Buy Standard Monthly
  • Commerce

  • Collect Secure Payment
  • $58/mo.
  • You need a website to collect secure web payments. A WordPress or WooCommerce website managed, maintained and secured for you, without any of the hassles of typical hosting.
  • Best for selling produts, services, subscriptions, and other business models with secure web payments
  • Invest risk free with our 30-day money back gaurantee
  • Buy Commerce Monthly

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a developer. Can I have access to FTP and staging copy of my website?
Yes, if you are a developer and can securely manage FTP login credentials and a staging copy of your website, simply click the manual "Turn On Basic Developer Tools" in your Simmer HQ account. We encourage customers who choose this developer option to combine it with versioning, like GitHub (public, free or private, $25/month).

While we cannot securely provide additional support for SSH and MySQL like PHPMyAdmin on managed WordPress plans, there are many opensource WordPress plugins for database and deeper system management available anytime.
Can you help me move/migrate my existing WordPress site?
Yes, new Simmer HQ customers can have any single website migrated to a new plan free-of-charge from old servers to a new Simmer HQ home.

Customers migrating outbound from Simmer HQ, cancelling their accounts, are encouraged to hire a trusted WordPress developer through Codeable or UpWork.
What if my site takes off and I get a ton of traffic/orders/downloads?
All plans include unlimited and automatically loaded resources. If your site experiences a massive influx of visitors, our cloud resources are automatically re-allocated to best optimize performance 24/7.

If you're a Standard Simmer HQ customer with a growing site requiring more resources, we will contact you when it's time to upgrade to Commerce.

Simmer HQ customers are never charged for technical overages like RAM, bandwidth, and GB of storage. You will never be nickle and dimed.
Will my site be able to handle eCommerce?
Yes. Simmer HQ includes multiple free and paid eCommerce plugins for WordPress pre-installed. Configure these to achieve any eCommerce system desired, and contact support with any questions.
How do I choose a theme or look for my website?
All plans and websites are pre-installed with Twenty Seventeen and Kitchen, a theme exclusive to Simmer HQ. You can also purchase or search and install any WordPress theme to change the look of your website anytime.
How do I cancel my account?
Cancelleation of your website for any reason can be completed with only a few clicks inside Your Account Subscriptions. Click the View then Cancel buttons.
What about security and site backups?
In addition to malware detection and removal, every website includes daily backups at 12am ET of all files and database tables. The Simmer HQ network is engineered to maximize security and speed. Block login attempts from malicious sources and distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection also keep your customers' data secure.
Can I install any plugin or theme, or just the ones available through 1-click install?
In addition to the pre-installed themes and plugins with documentation, unlimited plugins and themes can also be installed. You only need the .zip with the theme or plugin, and we will contact you if we find any security issues.
How many websites can I purchase per plan?
Each new purchase includes one WordPress website and central Simmer HQ management. To add more domains or subdomains, purchase the number of plans you need total.
Are there any restrictions on the types of sites allowed?
Although some Simmer products are specifically for food websites, some of our best applications and websites online are not related to the industry in any way. Any organization, person, or business can start a Simmer HQ website. We have only a few restrictions which are all related to what is legal and illegal in the state of Massachusetts and the United States of America, all outlined in our legal terms. We never discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual preference, nationality, or race.
If my new website doesn't work or I don't like it, can I have a refund?
Every new website is backed by a 30-day money back, no questions asked gaurantee. Any customer can invest risk-free in a new Simmer HQ website and cancel for any reason within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.
Can I demo or preview a Simmer HQ site before I purchase?
Since there are an unlimited number of ways to combine WordPress themes and plugins, every Simmer HQ site is different. See our Simmer Pro Demo for an example of what our recipe software can add to your WordPress website with the Twenty Seventeen theme. Want to see more theme options? Contact our team.
Can I sell digital products like ebooks and software?
Any product, phsyical or virtual, can be sold with the Commerce Plan. Any product that can be distributed and sold over the web is possible. Sell memberships, ebooks, or subscriptions and setup forums or any other downloadable content. For phsyical goods, use a variety of shipment plugins to process orders, mail packages, and notify customers of tracking.
Can I sell memberships or subscriptions?
With the Commerce Plan sell memberships and/or subscriptions with restricted access to site content and downloads. Apply a subscription business model to your business for increased cashflow and confidence.
How do I choose a domain?
For security purposes, we advise every Simmer HQ to register their domain seperate from their website hosting through a trust source, such as our recommended provider NameCheap.
Do you automatically update the included plugins?
To ensure no changes from an update break your theme or plugins, we do not automatically upgrade included plugins, but will let you know when an update is available. All websites are secured with daily backups so you can make changes with ease. The WordPress core, however, is automatically updated.
Do you offer SSL certificates?
Every Standard and Commerce Plan includes an SSL certificate for that website through Let's Encrypt. SSL certificates secure your entire database and more, ensuring your customers' data is always protected in the cloud.

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