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Website support documentation

For Simmer Pro documentation, refer to the core plugin’s central support address.


For WordPress development information, please reference the detailed and extensive Codex provided by for all of your engineering needs. The below resources are available through that domain and other tested providers on the web.

* = premium plugins 

Custom WordPress Engineering

Each custom WordPress engineering project comes packaged with training for every person on your team who needs to understand how to manage your website. This customer service goes above and beyond to include screen-sharing sessions individually or in a group for your staff, especially useful for WooCommerce and custom WordPress eCommerce implementations.

If you have questions about how your organization or business will be able to learn WordPress, the system that powers over 28% of the internet, before you invest in design and engineering for a custom app or website, get in touch with us. Our team is available to answer questions about each of our services anytime.