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Frequently Asked Questions

For more answers visit the complete list of most frequently asked questions.

Can I include links, sub-headings, and images or video in my recipes?
Yes, any type of media, links, or video can be embedded into recipes. User recipes to add links to affiliate purchases, or other revenue or business strategies. Simmer Pro also features a unique interface that allows you to shuffle and remix recipe ingredients, instructions, and sub-headings quickly.
Are my Simmer Recipes correctly formatted for Pinterest and Google recipe discovery?
Yes, Simmer adds up-to-date formatting to recipes automatically for social platforms using structured recipe data and search engine crawlers like Pinterest or Google to feature recipe details directly in search results. This adds greater sharing and reach to the value of your recipes.
Can Simmer print recipes?
With this plugin recipes can be printed in multiple and customizable formats. This toolbox includes a print action by default, making offline reference to your content easy. You can also add recipe ratings or recipe saving to enhance the power of this toolbox.
Where can I see examples or mockups of Simmer Recipes?
Every Simmer site is absolutely unique. Please reference these live examples made with Simmer for some inspiration.
Does this plugin integrate with all WordPress themes?
Yes. Simply activate the plugin and test it with your preferred theme. If you find any part where you'd like to add customizations, developers can use the helpful classes built-into each part of recipe front-ends for complete control.
My question isn't answered here. Where can I get support?
Try our list of complete questions and answers first, or contact our dedicated support staff for immediate answers. Get in touch through the blue conversation icon on the bottom right of any page on this site, or send a message to support.

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